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Nikita Flynn, CEO

Hey there, fabulous readers! I'm Nikita Flynn, and I am beyond thrilled to share my rollercoaster of a journey with you as the newly appointed CEO of Gifted Career Solutions, an amazing foundation dedicated to helping women increase wealth and well-being! Picture this: I was once this senior public relations executive, a leading voice of counsel for even more senior leaders, negotiating planning, managing a team, and feeling like I could take on the world! But then life threw me the ultimate curveball - motherhood!


Don't get me wrong, being a mom is the most rewarding thing ever, but it also comes
with a whole new set of challenges, right?


So, I made the courageous decision to press the pause button on my professional
career and embraced the incredible adventure of being a stay-at-home mom. Oh boy,
let me tell you, those days were filled with laughter, tears, endless school projects,
recitals, sports events, you name it, I was there! But in the midst of all the beautiful
chaos, I realized something: there were thousands of talented moms (and women) out there just like me, who had put their careers on hold and were itching to jump back into the professional world.

Flash forward to a few years later, and there I was, dusting off my power suits and
diving headfirst back into the finance industry. But let me be real with you - it wasn't a
piece of cake. I faced doubts, setbacks, and even moments when I questioned my
decision. But you know what? It was all worth it because I’d pivoted into a new career,
reinvented myself, discovered a new business that I LOVED and worked with some
pretty amazing people.

Anthony Flynn.jpeg

Anthony Flynn, Founder

Anthony is one of the foremost leaders in the world when it comes to getting stuff done! CEOs and Key Executives of some of the top publicly traded and privately held companies in the world have leveraged Anthony's expertise to support them and their teams with bridging the gap between strategy and execution. Anthony's portfolio of client work has included Coca-Cola, MorganStanley, Pfizer, FedEx, TOTO, The Atlanta Hawks, Chick-fil-A, UCB Pharma and many others. 


Historically, Anthony has been a leader with numerous Fortune 100 giants (e.g. Kraft Foods, RJ Reynolds and 3M) and a pioneering executive in several multi-million dollar ventures. He has also been a featured speaker at Harvard University, Emory University, Georgia Tech, Biz 1190 (Wall Street Journal syndicated radio show), TEDx and other major outlets including tv, radio, podcasts and keynote addresses. 

Who We've Grown to be...


Our Mission is to Train and Coach 1,000,000 women on principles of wealth and well-being.


Increasing the Wealth and Well-Being of Women.

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