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In the beginning...

The Gifted Education Foundation (Gifted) was founded in 2011 with a mission to produce first-generation college graduates and marketplace leaders from low-income communities across America. 

The genesis of the organization was based on the personal story of founder Anthony Flynn, born to a teenage mother in poverty and having to navigate the challenges that emerged as a consequence including spending his Kindergarten through College years “figuring life and education out" through trial and error. 

The aim of Gifted in its origination was to reduce the precipitous learning curve associated with exploring college options and negotiating the admissions, enrollment, retention, and career placement processes. 

Following the journey of supporting more than 200 students to accumulate more than $20 Million in scholarships and subsidized funding for their college education, the leadership team saw a need to pivot to the career engagement phase of the pipeline. In 2016, Gifted Career Solutions was born and the focus shifted to supporting students who had matriculated into and through college with finding careers, keeping careers, and advancing in the marketplace... 

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"By cultivating the gifts and talents of America's future, we sow the seeds of innovation, progress, and boundless possibilities for a brighter tomorrow."

Our Mission

Our Original Mission

Gifted Career Solutions exists to

produce marketplace leaders from low-
income communities across America.


Our Original Vision

Our vision is for the Gifted to be the
most accessible career and life skills
readiness organization in America.

Download Our Original Executive Summary

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